PYD expresses support for democratic forces in tomorrow elections in Turkey

The Democratic Union Party expressed its support for the coalition of Kurdish parties and democratic forces during the local elections which will be held tomorrow in Turkey, the party said in a statement published by spokesman Saleh Muslim that the fascist regime in Turkey has taken Syrian issue as a subject of its electoral propaganda, giving them the right to express opinion in what is going on in "Neighboring Turkey".

On 31 March, Turkey will hold local elections. In this regard, the official spokesman for Democratic Union Party (PYD) published an official statement saying that the Justice and Development Party and its President Erdogan have made the elections a referendum on his presidency and the law of his regime, which represents the fascist forces in Turkey, expressing their support for the Democratic Peoples' Party and the Kurdistan parties alliance in this election.

The text of the declaration is:

"Tomorrow, on March 31, local elections will be held in Turkey and the AKP and its President Erdogan will make it a referendum on his presidency and the legitimacy of his regime, which represents the alliance of fascist forces in Turkey." The fascist regime in Turkey also made Syria, the political solution and the occupation of parts of Syria a subject for their electoral propaganda which gives us the right to express our opinion of our neighbor Turkey.

The Turkish regime with its current government has been a major obstacle to the political solution in Syria for seven years, as it was responsible for all the terrorist factions that were present on the Syrian soil and still protects Daesh affiliates in Idlib and Afrin and the statements of the Turkish officials recently indicate their bad intentions towards Syria and north and east of Syria in particular.

As a result of the above, we in the Democratic Union Party (PYD) express our support for all the forces that are working to withdraw confidence from the Turkish government at the moment and express our support for the Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP) and the democratic forces that stand alongside it. We also support the Kurdistan Parties' Alliance. We hope that this alliance will continue in the face of the dangers facing the Kurdish people in the north and even in the region as a whole, and we wish them a clear victory over fascism and obscurantist forces.

PYD spokesman

Saleh Muslim

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