PYD in Lebanon: Turkish violations may consider as war crimes

Members of the Democratic Union Party in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, condemned the international silence about the war crimes committed by Turkey against Kurdish women, and stressed the need to intervene to stop the violations of the Turkish fascist state against the Kurds.

This came in a statement issued by members of the Democratic Union Party in Lebanon, as dozens of members gathered in the Lebanese capital Beirut to issue the statement delivered by party member Lava Samir Bakr.

In his statement, the Democratic Union said, "The daily violations committed by the Turkish state and its mercenaries may be considered as war crimes against our people in Şengal, Afrin, Tel-Abyed, Serêkaniyê and in all the areas that it occupied."

"The Turkish fascist state is ignoring the humanitarian situation of the Kurdish people from the crisis of Corona and the Caesar Law, and expanding its violations, and targeting Kurdish activists, as happened in Kobani on 23/6/2020, adding another episode to its series of crimes against women amid international silence."

The Democratic Union Party in Lebanon condemned the silence of international organizations, humanitarian organizations, America and Russia over Turkey's war crimes against Kurdish women.

In its statement, PYD stressed the need for direct intervention to stop its violations against the Kurds, and also called on civil and international society to show more solidarity with the Kurdish people and their just cause.



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