PYD, KNC negotiations, Turkish fears 

Every initiative or endeavor to unify the Kurdish ranks undermines the Turkish fascist state and begins to implement its dirty plans, which is the same policy followed since the arrival of the Turks from Asia towards Anatolia, who have always practiced this policy not only against the Kurdish people but against all the peoples of the region, in order to enhance their presence and their survival in the areas they occupy.

From the Seljuks to the Ottomans, and from the Ottomans to the present Turks, the Turkish settlement in Anatolia took place through the policies of displacement against the peoples of the region, or the killing of millions of the people of those peoples.

Since the history of the Turkish Republic, dozens of Kurdish uprisings had been taken place, all of them had been brutality eradicated , because the rulers of the republic inherited the actions and practices of killing and looting of their Ottoman grandparents, the white Turks and since the beginning of the republic, they inherited the massacres from Union and Promotion Association and committed the massacres against the Armenians and Syriac, and was applied the same scheme for the Kurds and the Romans through the project (Reforming the East), where the Republic revealed to the whole world what mentality it adheres to and follows it.

The Turkish state neutralized all the Anatolian peoples, such as the Armenians, Circassians, the Syriac, through massacres, genocide, displacement operations, and national smelting. After neutralizing these peoples, it went more fiercely to the Kurdish people, and tried to eliminate it physically, and if this is not done, its existence must be eliminated through eradication its culture.

 The arrogance and brutality of white Turkey, it started with the massacres against the Sheikh Saeed uprising, through the Akri, Zilan and Dersim uprising, and later, at the time of the Justice and Development Party, the brutality of the White Turks moved to the Green Turks, and this policy continues to this day.

Despite all the massacres and genocide crimes, they were defeated in the face of the Kurdish people, so both the White Turks and the Green Turks allied with the Justice and Development Party and the National Peoples' Party, and they march on the inheritance of the Turkish state, and impose a special war, using and mobilizing all the capabilities of the state, and it is still This war continues to this day.

The coalition of the Justice and Development Party and the Fascist National Party declared publicly and at every opportunity available that it did not accept the Kurdish people, and that the existence of the Kurdish people is a fateful problem for them, and with the aim of eliminating it and ending its existence, the fascism of the Turkish state reached its climax.

The dictatorship of one individual acted on the principle of "If the issue is related to the state, the other things are not important", and they exaggerated the dictatorship of one individual through nationalist tendencies and sentiments, in an effort to legitimize it within society, and with the legitimization of fascism and dictatorship, fascist practices against the Kurdish people escalated It reached the point of committing massacres.

However, despite all the fascist methods of repression and the massacres of genocide against the Kurdish people, the fundamental and major dilemma for the Kurds is the failure to achieve their unity, and the failure to respond uniformly to these attacks.

Erdogan Fascist, who leads the Justice and Development Party, is trying to win some Kurds at his side, and he is once again trying to strike the Kurds with the Kurds in order to defeat them, and this policy still constitutes a major obstacle for the Kurds.

During the twentieth century and the circumstances of the Third World War, a historic opportunity arose for the Kurdish people to achieve their unity, and to hold the fascist forces and the occupiers accountable, because the Kurds fought bravely against fascist ISIS, this resistance pushed the peoples of the region and the peoples of the world to support the Kurdish people in a way History has never seen it, the Third World War pushed the people of the world to develop relations and alliances with the Kurdish people.

The endeavors of the unity of the Kurdish class that started since 2013, have reached its final and decisive days today, but some parties have fallen victim to the fascist plans of the Turkish state, and they accepted submission to the Turkish state and turned its back on the hopes and aspirations of the Kurdish people, and in this way it worked to thwart the efforts of the unity class Kurdish.

Today, new opportunities have emerged. The current conditions are more appropriate than 2013 to achieve Kurdish unity, but at the same time it is more difficult than them. After 2013, Kurdish forces fought on the same front, and all social parties fought shoulder to shoulder against ISIS mercenaries who were launching attacks and since that time the strength of the Kurdish people and the strength of the revolution of Rojava have been strengthened, the reputation of Kurdish politics and the reputation of the Kurdish defense forces in international forums became popular, and the issue of the rights and freedom of the Kurdish people attracted the world.

Of course, it is clear that the enemy will not accept these developments, and will do everything in its power to put obstacles in the way of these developments, and the occupation campaigns that began with the occupation of Kirkuk and Afrin and continued with the secret occupation of Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê it was hard proof of Turkish ambitions

The conspiracy taking place in Zînî wartê region in south Kurdistan is also a tangible endeavor that reveals the truth of the Turkish targets, as it is on the one hand attacking, occupying, killing and displacing, and if it does not succeed in achieving its endeavors, it sends division and strikes the Kurds with the Kurds and weakens their power and thus controls them, these It is the policy pursued by the fascist Turkish Republic a hundred years ago.

In light of all these conditions, discussions are taking place between the Democratic Union Party PYD and the Kurdish National Council KNC in Syria, which could be a first step towards achieving unity against the policy of genocide and occupation practiced by the Turkish state. And in order to achieve this, it is necessary to achieve a set of conditions, the most important of which is that everyone shows a sincere desire to achieve unity.

 There is no doubt that Kurdish unity is the desire and hope of every person, and what remains is not an important matter, there is nothing that the Kurds cannot participate in, yes there is no, as the existence, identity, culture, and language of the Kurdish people have not yet been recognized, the Kurdish component its culture and ID still eradicated, so it is not possible to talk about what this people can lose.

The thing that we can lose today is the struggle for freedom that was achieved by the sacrifices of millions of the Kurdish people, as well as the opportunity of freedom that this struggle created. If the Kurds fail to achieve their unity, then they will lose the opportunity and hopes of achieving freedom.

It is on this point that the Turkish state seeks to obstruct the efforts and endeavors to achieve Kurdish unity, as it did in 2013 when it obstructed the endeavors that started then in south Kurdistan, because the Turkish state considers the Kurdish unity as a death for them, so it invested all the capabilities of the private war, so therefore The most effective measure to counter these attacks and endeavors to sow discord and division and in such circumstances is to continue efforts to achieve national unity.

It is very important during this period to put interests and small accounts aside, and not to act according to partisan interests. Discussions and meetings should not be limited to two parties only, in which all political parties and all social organizations as well as members of society must participate.

First of all, the position and opinion on the basic principles must be united, in order for this stage to continue in a correct way and reach a result, this

Another important issue in this matter is the important and historical role that falls on the Kurdish media, as the media must stay away from everything that would hinder, hinder and thwart Kurdish unity.

Because the Turkish Special War exerts various hidden and exposed methods and means, in order to liquidate the Rojava Revolution both at home and abroad, and has invested all its capabilities in order to achieve this, as it began to intervene in order to thwart the discussions that started in the last days.

The media should not act solely for the sake of spreading the news, because that only means negligence.

Therefore, it is extremely important for the media to address the efforts and efforts related to Kurdish unity in a spirit of historical responsibility. We must never forget that if we act in a spirit of responsibility, we will contribute greatly to paving the historical path that will lead the Kurdish people to their freedom, and otherwise it will lead to committing a great guilt.