​​​​​​​PYD: March 12, is core of democratic revolution in Syria

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party PYD indicated that the regime failed to undermine the will of the people and the policy of divide and rule, and affirmed, "The March 12 uprising is considered the basic and solid cornerstone of the democratic revolution in Syria and an important basis for the revolution in NE, Syria."

On the 16th anniversary of Qamishlo uprising, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a written statement to the public opinion.

Statement text (PYD):

“On the twelfth of March, the 16th anniversary of Qamishlo uprising has passed, which came in protest against the crime of firing live bullets at the sports jihad team’s fans, as a result of which a number of young had been killed, and it came in response to the policy of systematic repression, exclusion and denial practiced against the Kurds since the Baath took control on the reins of government in the country.

Instead of apologizing to the families of the victims, the authorities continued to criminalize them and did not hesitate to shoot at the masses of mourners, which resulted in a high number of martyrs, and many of them were seriously injured.

It did not detract from the determination of our people, the killings and arrests that affected thousands, as well as the sabotage, looting and robbery of the property of the Kurds, which were made by some weak souls at the instigation of the security services, to expand the area of ​​the uprising and include all the cities and towns in Rojava Kurdistan, and extend to Kurdish gatherings and neighborhoods in the city Aleppo and the capital, Damascus, and all the capitals of the world in a sympathetic scene that has lessened its counterpart in the history of Syria, and our people succeeded in breaking the barrier of fear that the repressive regime had planted in the hearts of all Syrians, as the March 12 uprising is the bedrock and solid foundation of the democratic revolution in Syria and an important basis for The rugged north and east of Syria, which is today a qualitative example of change in Syria; the unity and cohesion of components is a result of the awareness that our people have shown and failed the attempts of sedition practiced by the security authority in 2004 and is still continuing today.

As our party commemorates the martyrs of the uprising with honor and dignity, it affirms that the regime failed to undermine the will of our people as it failed in the policy of divide and rule that it pursued, as this is embodied in the project of the democratic nation and Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA, in which representatives of all Syrian components of the Kurds participate. The Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians and Chechens are in the fight and defeat of extremist and mercenary organizations, and it is a past in consolidating the pillars and foundations of joint management and preserving the gains made with the blood of thousands of martyrs.

Also, our party will spare no effort in providing the climate to unify the Kurdish political decision, and works effectively with democratic forces to find a just solution to the Kurdish issue, and a political solution to the Syrian crisis through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and the regime must deal contrary to the mentality that prevailed in 2004 until now, so that Syria is seen as going through real change, complete openness to dialogue with Autonomous Administration, and considering the solution to the Kurdish issue an important part of the general solution in Syria leading to stability, to establish a democratic, decentralized, participatory, and democratic Syria in which all are equal in rights and duties on the basis of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples, also, one of the first tasks of the party today is to monitor all the energies and potentials for the liberation of all occupied areas by Turkey and its mercenaries, and to return the displaced and the displaced to their homes and homes. "

Eternity for the martyrs of the Qamishlo uprising and the martyrs of freedom.



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