PYD: PDK policies do not serve Southern Kurdistan

Democratic Union Party, the PYD, stated that they did not receive any information on the grounds behind the abduction of two members of the party that were freed on day 50th calling at the same time for the release of AANES Jihad Hesen.

General Relations Office of PYD released today a statement reads:

''Releasing Mustafa Khalil and Mustafa Aziz tasked with party's missions and that were arrested along with AANES Jihad Hesen on 10 June 2021 at the Erbil International Airport as they were going to receive some guests is a good development but we did not receive any reasons behind the abduction or even results of investigations though we are confident that our fellows did not commit any offense in Southern Kurdistan. Jihad Hesen was not released and his fate is unknown.

We believe that these practices do not serve the Kurdistan Regional Government rather on the contrary they serve our peoples' enemies. From our part, we sought cooperation against mass plots that are being hatched against our people that are becoming very obvious both to our people and to those interested in Kurdish issues. We call on officials in PDK to release immediately AANES representative'.



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