PYD: Shankal genocide is a part of the continued massacre against Kurds

Democratic Union Party, PYD, said that the genocide committed against the Yazidi in Shankal is part of the ongoing ethnic genocide against the Kurdish people in general, indicating that ISIS is "just a tool" and it should not be satisfied with condemning it only, but the real perpetrator who used this tool must be held accountable.

Monday, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, PYD issued a statement to the public opinion, a copy of which we have received, in which it appealed to the world powers and the world public opinion to do what is necessary to secure the safe return of all Yazidis to their homeland.

The text of the statement stated:

These days are witnessing the 7th anniversary of the ethnic genocide that our Yazidi people experienced, which the Kurdish people described as the 73rd Firman, this genocide has become a wound that will not heal in the heart of the Kurdish people. The facts of the genocide are still hidden from the Kurdish people and world public opinion, not to mention thousands of victims of the martyrs and abducted persons from the women and children had been disappeared, whose fate is still unknown, mass graves are discovered from time to time in Shankal and its outskirt.

Shingal genocide took place by a decision of some parties that met and deliberated publicly and secretly, and then agreed in secret with the emergence of ISIS on how to deal with it and how to use it and direct it, and Kurdish and international public opinion is still ignorant of its details, and without revealing those details, the real perpetrators of those massacres will not appear and justice will not be achieved. What the Kurdish and Yazidi people want unless there is an impartial and independent investigation into all aspects of the preparation, implementation, and results of that genocide.

Some European parliaments have recently recognized what happened as ethnic genocide against Yazidi, an important development, and the Kurdish people have received it as a commendable but not enough effort, since ISIS is just a tool used to implement some of the policies that serve their ambitions, and it is the real actor who has used and continues to use that tool, and simply condemning the tool without holding the real actor accountable means covering up the real criminals who will not be seen, who will not hesitate to commit more crimes against humanity.

Yazidi people who were able to withstand and failed attempts to eradicate them in Shankal and established their Autonomous Administration in accordance with the Iraqi laws and constitution, are still facing brutal attacks from local and regional parties with the aim of completing what ISIS was unable to do, but by other means. Rather, these attacks extended to all Yazidis wherever they are, such as the areas of Sheikhan and the northern villages they sought to displace indigenous residents in order to empty the Yazidi villages and build mosques for the jihadists and build them settlements with European money.

This annihilation will not stop unless the Kurdish people are aware of the reality of what they are being subjected to, unless the world's forces curb the Turkish fascism that is fighting with its weapons, means and money. Unless they are brought to an end, they must prove to world public opinion and to their peoples that they are not partners in the practice of this fascism, which has become a disaster for the peoples of the region and a threat to European nations through blackmail against their governments.

We also appeal to world powers and global public opinion to do what is necessary to secure the safe return of all Yazidis to their homeland.



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