PYD - Sweden Organization held its 6th conference

Today, the sixth conference of the Democratic Union Party - Sweden Organization started in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, under the slogan "In the Spirit of Resistance of the Age in Afrin",  attended by dozens of party's members.


The conference began with holding a minute of silence, after which the representative of the Democratic Union Party, Shiyar Ali spoke on the importance of holding the sixth conference in this stage, in the Middle East in general and Kurdistan in particular.

In his speech, Ali referred to the great resistance shown by the parliamentarian Leyla Guven in Bakur (northern Kurdistan) and her comrades in the prisons of Turkey.

Radwan al-Toun, the co-chair of the for Democratic Society Movement in Sweden, talked about the pioneering role of the Democratic Union Party in changing Syria towards a democratic system in which peace and brotherhood prevail among all components of the region.

The official of PYD- the Europe Organization Abed al-Selam Mustafa saluted the attendees and said, "We dedicate this conference to the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, who has shown great resistance in the prison of the island of Imrali, despite the severe isolation imposed by the Turkish fascist authorities."

Mustafa also saluted the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades, pointing to the need for people everywhere to adopt this great resistance.

Mustafa referred to a strong resistance against mercenaries and the victories they are making to consolidate a democratic system that guarantees the rights of all the components of the region adding,

"Our people in Afrin have shown great resistance for 58 days against the NATO forces which was represented by the fascist Turkish state. Any victory that is achieved without the liberation of Afrin is an incomplete victory, and we will continue the struggle on all levels to free Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries."

Then the congratulations were read and the conference continues to discuss organizational matters in the second session.



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