PYD: With fraternity, democratic nation's philosophy, we to prevent genocides

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) has commemorated the victims of Armenian massacres, demanding the international community to define what the Turkish state has done as genocide and to put pressure on Turkey to desist from its practices and occupying policies in the region.

Today, April 24 marks the 114th anniversary of the genocide against the Armenian, Syriac and Assyrian peoples, which began in 1915 with the execution of Armenian figures in Istanbul. Then the march of deportation, murder, rape and the crimes of the Ottoman Empire began.

With the approach of this anniversary, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued on Wednesday a public statement condemning these massacres. The General Council, in its statement, indicated that they would follow the path of peoples' fraternity and the democratic nation's philosophy and block all racial and criminal ideas aimed at instigating the peoples against each other.

The text of the statement is:

"Between the past and the present, this bloody and sadistic culture still exists, terrorizing the world with its heinous acts that are difficult for the human mind to imagine or accept. 

On the fourteenth anniversary of the genocide against the Armenian, Syriac and Assyrian peoples, the condemnations of the massacres that had been paved with religious and national sentiments began on April 24, 1915, with the execution of Armenian figures in Istanbul for the march of misery, displacement, rape and pillage of money and lives to launch. The crime of the Ottoman state against our brothers was a state's terrorism and criminality against original peoples living on their land, and coexisting peacefully with the rest of the social components.

The horrific massacres perpetrated against our people are considered terrible pain, the Turkish state, the heir to the Ottoman   state, refuses to recognize it and bear its consequences. This immoral action is not new to a state that continues to practice terrorism against the peoples living on its historic land.

At a time when we condemn and decry these massacres, we believe that efforts and positions must be combined to put an end to the mentality of terrorism and its sponsors. Through our alliance, as peoples on the basis of the democratic nation's philosophy, we have been able to stand united in the face of Daesh terrorism, which is the other side of the Ottoman mentality. We were able to move beyond the position of the victim to the site of the defenders of human values.

What has happened to the Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians and others of massacres and genocides, they are still continuing against the Kurds to this day in north Kurdistan. The policy of denial and repression continues. In Rojava and north Syria, Afrin has been occupied and Erdogan is still threatening to invade our regions as well. Hence, we, in PYD, find that the coalition of the Government of Justice and Development and the National Movement Party is practicing the policy of its predecessors, the Ottomans, against the peoples, its intervention in the north and east of Syria, as well as cutting off parts of the Syrian territories such as al-Bab, Jarablus, Azaz and Afrin in addition to the demographic change that has taken place there, and the building of the separation wall between Afrin and the areas of al-Shahba to separate it from Syria, to prove that it is still adhering to the genocide mentality towards the peoples of the region.

We in the Democratic Union Party (PYD) condemn and denounce all Ankara's inhuman policies and declare our solidarity with the Armenian brethren and all the oppressed by the Turkish state. To deter these violations, we call on the international community and all human rights organizations to define what the Turkish state has done against the Assyrians, Armenians, Syriac people, and to put pressure on the Turkish state to stop its practices and occupying policies in the region.



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