PYD's youth ends march for Ocalan

The youth of the Democratic Union Party concluded the 4-hour and 13 km march to call for verifying the health of the leader Abdallah Ocalan.

The march began at 12:00 p.m. in the village of Berkfari, west of al-Darbasiya, and ended in the Martyrs Square in al-Darbasiya district under the slogan "With the banner of the young revolution, we will defeat the fascism, and the liberate the leader APO",. Young people from Kurds and Arabs in Al-Jazeera region participated .

The marchers carried pictures of the leader, Ocalan and the flags of the Democratic Union Party.

After arriving at the martyrs' square, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hasso, said: "the two main leaders are the youth and the woman, who were always targeted by the forces that have always tried to create a bondage society. Today, with the thought of the leader who adopted the philosophy of the democratic nation, brotherhood of the people and common co-living, we see once again that the Turkish state is conspiring against  Ocalan.  Therefore he is mainly a conspiracy against youth and woman."

Aisha Hasso stressed: "The youth of the Democratic Union Party have adopted the thought and philosophy of Ocalan, so we affirm that we will not hesitate to do our work until verifying the health of Ocalan, because he is the key to the solution."

On behalf of the youth of the Democratic Union Party, Hanan Mamid spoke and said: "We do not get tired or despair, until we know the fate of the leader. The occupation state must know that the Kurdish people and the youth will always show their reaction. They will always remain in the courtyard until the status of Ocalan is known."

 The march ended with the chanting slogans calling for the freedom of Ocalan and demanding that his health be revealed.



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