PYNK: Hariri's conspiracies against Kurds declared in Hewler 

The Kurdish National Unity Parties, the PYNK, indicated that the visit paid by the Syrian National Coalition to Hewler in line with the national unity bids was received with popular discontent noting that Hariri declared his malicious and conspiring plots against the Kurds and the gains made in Hewler, and that more noticeable is that he was not reacted to, calling on the people to take a firm stance to that.  

A statement was released by the PYNK on the visit paid to Hewler by the Syrian National Coalition delegation, touching upon the statements made by Nasr Hariri as well as what should be done on this. The statement reads as follows:

'' as the public opinion in Rojava and the whole North Eastern Syria as well as the Kurdistan public opinion, was awaiting hopefully for a positive development on the course of the Intra-Kurdish talks between the PYNK and the ENKS, the patriotic circles and the Kurdish masses were surprised by the visit of a delegation from the Syrian National Coalition to Hewler, capital of Southern Kurdistan, in a step that poses concern and discontent by the our people, and renewed the pains of the Afrin occupation by Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood Syrian National Coalition three years ago''.

Hariri declared in a press conference in Hewler, and more clearly in the Parliament, his conspiring and malicious plots against the Kurdistan Movement, striking more specifically at the gains made in Rojava and North Eastern Syria, affirming his partnership to these plots with the Kurdish National Council and Kurdistan Democratic Party and it's leader Mr. Massoud Barzani''.     

'' He declared impertinently that Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi are liberated areas from terror, and that in league with the Kurdish National Council would consolidate their presence in such liberated areas, that was followed by dubbing all forces that defended North Eastern Syria and protected it from terror and the mercenary gangs as terrorist powers, taking pride in fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party, broadening his nationalist duties ! to work as a commission agent for Turkish fascist coterie that occupies  vast areas in the northern part of his home, Syria, and try to Turkify them''.       

''this speech by Hariri is not surprising, that used to be protégé since he was a chauvinist Ba'athist to merchandise Hamza al-Khateeb, and work as an instrument for regional agendas, his far and foremost concern and his superiors' is to strike at the Kurdish national unity course, and to foment division between the main Kurdistan powers''.   

''Most remarkably is non-response to and non-commenting on his allegations and statements by his receivers and his Kurdish partner, that obliges clarification on the part of ENKS, the other part in the Intra-Kurdish talks, and entails a deep revision of all dialogue carried out with the PYNK that, due to these precursors, to be obsessed with immanent probability of dire dangers''.

'' at a time when we reject these malicious plots that are being hatched against our people and the gains made, thanks to the sacrifices made by martyrs, we call on the Kurdistan patriotic movement and all societal and cultural activities and our people to take a firm position to this plot, as well as calling on all Syrian democratic and patriotic powers to be vigilant towards these conspiring machinations and to work out and stand up to bids exerted by Erdogan for extension into and Turkufication of Northern Syria''.



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