PYNK: We welcome UN report that highlighted on part of the atrocious crimes of Turkey

The Kurdish national unity parties welcomed the report issued by the United Nations, which highlighted Turkey's crimes against the Kurdish people, and called on the international community to end the Turkish occupation of the Kurdish areas and other occupied Syrian areas.

The Truth Commission of the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a report on September 14, in which it referred to the crimes committed in the Turkish occupation zones.

In this context, and commenting on the report, the Kurdish national unity parties PYNK issued a statement to the public opinion, stating: "Those responsible for these crimes must be held accountable, as they are considered war crimes."

The text of the statement read:

"The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria issued its report submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council at its forty-fifth session between September 14 and October 2, and dated August 14, 2020, which includes charges against terrorist factions of the Syrian Coalition in the Kurdish regions." Afrin, Ras al-Ain and Tal-Abyed", under the cover and protection of Turkey, which is responsible for everything that happens in the occupied territories.

These accusations by the committee included violations that reach the level of war crimes, and are attached to evidence, such as "killings, looting, displacement, physical and psychological torture, sexual assaults, ethnic and religious cleansing, theft of historical and religious monuments in the region, starvation and siege policies, and systematic seizure by members of the factions." Terrorist organizations and their families on the homes of indigenous people, and other egregious violations of civilians' rights.

We in the Kurdish national unity parties (PYNK) welcome the results of this international report, which highlight on a small part of the horrific violations that Turkey and its mercenaries are pursuing from the terrorist factions against our Kurdish people in the occupied Kurdish regions, and with a disgraceful political cover by the Syrian coalition ordered by Turkey ... Especially Turkey's links and support for various terrorist organizations, foremost of which is ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and camouflaging this by integrating them into the so-called terrorist Syrian National Army, as a way around the international community.

At the same time, with regard to the special paragraphs in the report related to the areas under the control of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, we refute what was contained in them, and here we invite the committee to conduct field visits to the region, to verify the falsehood of these allegations.

We also call on the international community, especially the international coalition forces, America and Russia, the UN Security Council and human rights organizations to do everything that would put an end to these horrific violations by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, and to end the Turkish occupation of the Kurdish regions and other Syrian areas, and hold those responsible to account on these crimes, as they are considered war crimes, and they must act quickly to curb Turkish recklessness and terrorism, which has become a factor in spreading chaos and terrorism in the region, starting with Syria, Iraq, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, the eastern Mediterranean, Yemen, Libya and others.



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