Qaftan doubts reaching solution to Syrian crisis without N, E of Syria

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Qaftan considered that a solution is not possible in Syria with the continued exclusion of the components of northern and eastern Syria from the talks that are being held to find a solution to the Syrian crisis.

In an interview with ANHA, the head of the party pointed to a shift in the speech of the "guarantor countries" during the recent summit hosted by the Turkish capital Ankara on Monday and brought together the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

"They are resorting to a new discourse, which is the subject of the Constitutional Committee and in Geneva, it means that the real course of UN resolution 2254 will be returned to its main incubator," he said.

While the policy of excluding the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria from international forums and the ongoing talks to find a solution to the Syrian crisis continues, Qaftan expressed doubts about the usefulness of these talks, which do not represent the Syrians in all their spectra.

"But will there be a response by the Syrian parties to adopt these countries, which are originally the problem and not a solution to the problem."

"Turkey was the problem in Syria, not to mention what it did in Afrin region where it adopted some terrorist blocs."

The head of the Future Syria Party stressed the need for the Syrians to participate in solving the crises of their country, which has been weary of the war since the spring of 2011.

"If there is no participation of all the people of Syria who believe in the unity of Syria, I mean the people of northern and eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administrations, there will be no solution."

Regarding Idlib, a province in northwestern Syria which is witnessing fierce battles between the regime and its allies on the one hand and mercenary groups supported by Turkey on the other, Qaftan hoped that the problem would be solved without "bloodshed."

He also drew attention to the Turkish exploitation of the file of Syrian refugees and extortion of Europe to obtain European support in files that serve the expansionist and authoritarian aspirations of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Qaftan welcomed the return of Syrian citizens to their country "provided there is no demographic change as the Ottoman Empire or the AKP is thinking."



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