Qaftan: Turkey hinders a sustainable solution to the Syrian crisis

The head of the Future Syria's Party Ibrahim Qaftan said that Turkey is seeking through the safe area to expand its influence on Syrian territory and to thwart the democratic nation and the Autonomous Administration's project.

The Turkish state has once again raised the issue of the safe area on the Syrian arena, which Syrians and residents of northern and eastern Syria consider as an attempt to sustain the presence of Turkish troops on the land it has occupied in Syria and to undermine the democratic experience in the north and east of Syria.

In this regard, Hawar News Agency interviewed with the head of the Future Syria's Party, Ibrahim Qaftan, who stressed that Turkey seeks through the safe area to expand its influence on Syrian territory and thwart the democratic nation's project and the Autonomous Administration.

Qaftan added: "for hundreds of times, the solution of the Syrian crisis has been presented, but the Turkish state impedes finding a solution to the crisis in favor of achieving its interests through the terrorist factions that support it in Idlib, Jarablus and Afrin (al-Nusra and Jabhet Ahrar al-Sham).

Qaftan said that the solution to the Syrian crisis "is based on decentralized systems, Turkish state stops financing terrorism, factions as well as ceasing to adopt such factions. This prompted the people of Syria to think that Turkey does not want to solve the Syrian crisis."

In response to a question about Turkey's goal of putting forward the issue of the safe area, Qaftan said: "For the safe area that the Turkish state is talking about if it is to bring back the displaced Syrians and their stability in the safe area, we have no problem with the return of the Syrians to their land; however, what Turkey seeks through the project of the safe area is to expand its influence on the Syrian territory and foiling the project of the democratic nation and Autonomous Administration."

"The Turkish state occupies more than 10 percent of the Syrian territory and brings about the demographic change in each region it controls like Afrin, Jarablus and, al-Bab." he said.

Ibrahim Qaftan concluded calling on the Turkish state to think rationally "to find a solution that history writes as it was a track of solution and a key to good and not evil and be a peaceful neighbor."



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