Qamishlo: An explosive device kills two people

Two people lost their lives in the city of Qamishlo, after an explosive device placed in an old engine between scrap exploded in a plastic collection and refining warehouse.

An explosive device that exploded today killed two people, Rudi Farouk Sulaiman (29) years old, from the people of Jarnak in Qamishlo city, a pioneer Nayef (24) from the people of Tal Hamis district, had been placed between the old furniture in a warehouse to sort and recycle the plastic, on Al-Awija Road in Qamishlo city, and they were transferred to Al-Salam Hospital in the city.

The organized crime forces of the Internal Security Forces rushed to the scene of the incident for investigation, and explained that, according to preliminary evidence, it was found that the explosion was caused by a booby-trapped old dynamo that was among the scrap in the warehouse.


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