Qamishlo components: This is our land, we must join hands, revolt against Turkey

The people of the various components in the city of Qamishlo pointed out that joining forces and raising the pace of struggle is the only way to stand in front of the Turkish occupation, and they said: "This is our land," in a confirmation that adherence to and defense of the homeland is the duty of everyone.

The Turkish occupation does not stop targeting the components of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, and crosses all the red lines with the aim of stirring up strife and sectarian seditions, and dispersing the unity of peoples who live in safety and stability with each other.

Amid a lethargy and an international silence cooperating with Turkey, which creates the conditions for it to carry out its anti-human actions, the peoples of the region must unite and stand together to confront the dirty plans.

The components of the city of Qamishlo stressed that the uprising in the face of Turkey is something that must be continued, calling for unity in the face of occupation schemes.

Henry Anty, a 70-year-old Syriac citizen, lives in the city of Qamishlo, began his conversation by describing Erdogan as racist: He said: "We reject the continued attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and the president of the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is an Ottoman and a racist."

He pointed out that the Turkish occupation is trying, through its continuous attacks on the region to disperse groups that have been living with each other for hundreds of years, and to stir sectarian strife among them.

Henry called on all Christians in the world to rise up and not be satisfied with advertising on screens about what Erdogan does after converting a church to a mosque. He said: "All Christians in the world should rise up against Erdogan and denounce this heinous act by converting Aya Sophia Church to a mosque."

It is reported that Aya Sophia was a famous Christian cathedral before the Ottoman entry to Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) in 1453.

More than four centuries after its transformation into a mosque, the government of Mostafa Kemal Ataturk declared it a cultural museum on November 24, 1934, and the Turkish Supreme Administrative Court overturned this decision, supported the return of Aya Sophia as a mosque, and accordingly President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the opening of the Aya Sophia to Muslims to pray on July 24.

Alwan Osi, a Kurd from Qamishlo city indicated that with the continued attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the region, the people must unite their ranks. "In the beginning, we, the peoples of the region, and especially the Kurdish people, are required to unite the ranks, and then raise the pace of resistance and struggle in the face of the Turkish attacks in all military, economic and cultural aspects of life."

He noted the need to strengthen diplomatic relations with all countries of the world to stand in the face of Turkish fascism which wants to implement its plans on the lands of the peoples of the region: "This is our land."

As for the citizen Youssef Antar al-Barry of the Arab component, he said: "In this sensitive phase, the people must join hands and cohesion since the Turkish attacks do not differentiate between a Kurd, an Arab and a Christian because it targets everyone without discrimination."

Antar indicated that Erdogan is a great criminal, and we must confront him by uniting our ranks :"In unity, there is strength, and in dispersion, weakness," stressing the adherence to the soil of the homeland, and said: "We are all projects of martyrdom."

 Youssef Antar pointed out that the goal of Erdogan's attacks is occupation and expansion, and not to protect the Syrian people: "He expelled, displaced and killed the Syrian refugees in Turkey."



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