Qamishlo youth: We to continue our resistance for leader until his liberation

Under the slogan "It Is Time for APO's Freedom, We Will Definitely Prevail," today, the youth of Qamishlo, went out on a march, through which they affirmed that they will foil the Turkish plans in the region, and that they will continue the resistance until the liberation of the leader Ocalan.

To denounce the international conspiracy that was hatched against the leader Abdullah Ocalan on February 15, 1999, the youth of Qamishlo city went out today in a march that set off from Mounir Habib Street in Qamishlo city, heading towards the United Nations building, during which the participants carried banners with "It is time for the leader APO's freedom, we will definitely prevail" written on, in addition to pictures of the leader Ocalan and PYD flags, chanting slogans "There is no life without the leader."

Upon the arrival of the participants to the United Nations Commission building, they held a minute of silence, and it was followed by a speech delivered by the Member of PYD General Council, Afif Asaad, who denounced the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan, and said: "We are now going through a sensitive and historic phase, as the Turkish occupation state are carrying out plans against the Kurdish people, but we assure that we will thwart those plans, continue our resistance, and support the leader so that we can free him."

Afif added, "You will not be able to break the will of the Kurdish people by arresting the leader Ocalan because we know very well that the leader is free with his thoughts."

Then the march ended with chanting slogans that saluted the leader Ocalan and denounced the international conspiracy against him.



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