Qamişlo's women movements condemn violence, killings against women

The women's organizations denounced the crimes of violence and killings against women and pledged to raise the level of struggle to curb this phenomenon and to raise the voice of free women to promote a just, equal and free society and called on all segments of society to fight authoritarian masculinity.

Under the slogan "Woman is life, do not kill life," hundreds of women have gone on a demonstration to condemn the recent killings of women, especially in the town of Qamişlo.

The protest came in condemnation of the widespread phenomenon of killing women, under pretexts of honor, customs and traditions.

The demonstration was called for by the movements and women's organizations in Qamişlo, in which the family of the victim Helena Omri participated alongside the organization's members, Omri was killed by her husband in the Corniche district in Qamişlo.

"The woman is life, do not kill life," "We demand the right of Helena Omari," "Silence about murder is involvement in the crime," and "I will not be a citizen of a country where women are killed." "Hand in hand to prevent possible crime "," Stop violence against women ".

The demonstration launched in front of the headquarters of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in al-Siyahi street and toured the Corniche district, demonstrators chanted slogans: "Stop the killing of women" "Woman is life and freedom... Do not kill life."

The demonstration stopped in the Corniche, where the women's organizations issued a joint public opinion statement.

"Women have been and continue to be victims of the masculine mindset imposed on societies, which have their roots for thousands of years throughout history, to justify the murder of women under the pretext of honor and outdated customs and traditions that robbed women of their rights,

The male domination was founded on the ruins of the era of the goddess of women and the imposition of divinity and the empire of male, how the symbol of serenity, beauty, knowledge and creativity turned into a curse and sin and executed plots with all its ugliness, and legalized killing her where the Babylonian drowned her, the Hindi burned her, the Jewish cursed her and pre-Islam buried her alive and the Iranian stoned her.

However, women have struggled with determination to this day. We see the revolution led by the resisting women and the struggle to obtain their freedom. What has been taken by force today is restored by resistance and struggle. In the midst of this struggle we again face horrific crimes and bitter incidents of young women deprived of their rights of life and their dignity was violated by the ruling man."

Such crimes are the most violent and the most heinous of all, and deserve condemnation and denouncement of all societal segments, a flagrant violation of the right to life, which is sanctuary of all human beings.

In order to limit the occurrence of these cases and to guarantee the rights of women, a special law was issued for women in 2014, where the murder of women on the pretext of honor is considered as any other crime punishable by law.

In the end, we, as institutions and representatives of women, pledge to reduce this phenomenon, to raise the voice of free women and transfer society towards justice, equality, freedom and democracy, and we demand from all segments of society to fight authoritarian masculinity."

The demonstration ended with slogans that salute the struggle of women.



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