Qarqash responds to Turkey's threats: no place for colonial delusions

On Saturday, UAE Minister of State Anwar Qarqash described the statements of the Turkish Minister of Defense, Khulusi Akar, to the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera, about the UAE as "provocative", stressing that "relations are not managed by threat and intimidation."

Qarqash said, in a tweet via his Twitter account, that "the provocative statement of the Turkish Minister of Defense is a new fall in his country's diplomacy," adding that "the logic of the High Gate, the Supreme State and its franchises is replaced by the historical archive."

He added, "the relations are not managed with threats and intrusions, and there is no place for colonial delusions at this time, and it is more appropriate for Turkey to stop its interference in Arab affairs."

The Turkish Minister of Defense attacked the Emirates, in a meeting with "Al-Jazeera", and accused it of "supporting terrorist organizations hostile to Turkey" in Libya and Syria, and said that his country "will hold the UAE accountable for what it did in the appropriate place and time" as he put it.

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