Qualitative Operations of the Egyptian Army "From East to West"

The Egyptian armed forces announced the air force destroyed a number of bunkers and desert shelters used by terrorist elements in the northern Sinai Peninsula and Western Sahara, as well as southern Egypt.

In a statement, the Egyptian armed forces revealed qualitative operations that resulted in the killing of 47 gunmen who were found with a number of different caliber rifles and improvised explosive devices in northern and central Sinai.

Sky News reported that military engineers had discovered and detonated 385 explosive devices planted on the roads in the areas of operations.

The armed forces have also foiled attempts to illegal migration of more than 1048 people of different nationalities in all the country's strategic directions.

For years, Egyptian forces have been waging a campaign against militants and terrorists, particularly in the Sinai Peninsula, where the Ansar al-Maqdis group of mercenaries is active.

Egypt has witnessed in recent years attacks by extremist movements, mainly targeting the army and police forces, killing hundreds of security personnel.

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