Ragheb al-Fares: "The Buffer Zone" is a new trick by Turkey to occupy more Syrian territory

Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares pointed out that what the Turkish state claims about the "buffer zone" is a trick to occupy more Syrian territory. He called for the "buffer zone" to be inside the Turkish territory, because the people of the region did not fire a single shot at the Turkish state.

Our agency(ANHA) met with Sheikh Ragheb Bashar al-Fares, one of the sheikhs of al-Zubaid clan in Syria, about the aims of Turkey in Syria and its attempt to occupy more Syrian territory through what it calls the buffer zone.

'Turkey is the one which supported and introduced terrorism to Syria, especially the Syrian north'

At the beginning of his speech, Sheikh Ragheb Bashar al-Fares referred to the negative role of the Turkish state in Syria. He said: "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish state has supported terrorism and brought them into the Syrian territory, especially in northern Syria, which adopted the democratic nation's project, and the joint defense in which all components of the region participated."

After the defeat of Daesh Turkey  is working on a new axis which is the buffer zone

He noted that the people of the Syrian north in all its components united under the banner of SDF defeated terrorism and defeated Daesh.,

 The Turkish state has worked on the axis of supporting terrorism until the elimination of Daesh, and now is working on a new axis after the defeat of Daesh  which is (the buffer zone) in the north of Syria.

'We are advocates of peace, and did not launch a single shot against the Turkish state'

"Since ancient times, not a single shot has been fired against the Turkish state, but the Turkish state is the source of terrorism," he said. 

He added, "The people in northern Syria and Syria in general are not advocates of war and so far all Turkey's  schemes against the people failed."

"The buffer zone" is a trick by the Turkish state to occupy our territory"

Sheikh Ragheb al-Faris said that the demand of the people in northern Syria with all its components is to establish the "safe zone" inside the Turkish territory because the Turkish state is transgressing the Syrian north across its borders.

We agree to (the buffer zone) under international supervision, and we reject the sovereignty of Turkey

During his speech, Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares stressed his rejection of the so-called "buffer zone" with Turkish sovereignty adding "We refuse to be under the sovereignty of Turkey, but we agree to form this region under international supervision."

He said that what Turkey claims about the "buffer zone" is nothing but a feeble argument. Its goal is to occupy the area, as it did in Iskenderun area and Afrin "Turkey at the beginning was talking about a distance of about 32 kilometers, and then returned to the Adana agreement," he said. Which includes a distance of 5 km, but the issue here is the issue of occupation and not the security of the region, and we as the people of Syria, we reject the occupation in any form.

We must unite to preserve the area in which we have offered thousands of martyrs

The sheikh appealed to the Syrian people, especially the people in northern Syria, to unite "Turkey today plays on several axes, it has worked on the axes of assassinations, and then activated and supported sleepers cells, but this will not work, our people must not be dragged into some false allegations, and media promotion whose purpose is to destabilize the security of the region, we have offered more than 11 thousand martyrs, in addition to thousands of injured.

What is practiced in Afrin violations represent Daesh's approach

"Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Afrin, and what they practice in Afrin is Daesh's approach, but with different names, so what they are doing in Afrin is a demographic change, a kidnapping for ransom and forced displacement of the people," he said

He added, "I want to say is that this occupation is temporary, and our decision in this context is one, that Afrin is part of Syria, and must be freed from the occupation, we call upon the Russian state and the Syrian government to support SDF to liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries," he said, adding that the Russian government had allowed the Turkish state to enter Afrin."



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