"Rai' al-Saleh" Church reorganized to include Christians in al-Shahba

The Rai' al-Saleh Evangelical Church included Christian families that were forced to leave Afrin because of the Turkish aggression, after reorganizing themselves in al-Shahba canton.


The Church of Rai' al-Saleh opened in April 2011 in the city of Afrin, where 300 Christian families were present in Afrin. These families received their Evangelical revelations in the church on certain days of the week.

The church's main function was to serve the church three times a week. On Sundays, Christians were taught about Christ and the Bible. On Fridays and Tuesdays, they performed the Christian hymns and prayers of Rai' al-Saleh Church.

After the 20th of January of last year, the Turkish occupation army launched aggressive attacks using planes, tanks and artillery. Hundreds of thousands of Afrin residents, including Christians, left for al-Shahba canton.

After that, the Christians of Afrin were dispersed, with 150 families out of 300 families settling in al-Shahba canton. The rest went to different cities and countries.

In al-Shahba, the church reorganized itself in April 2018 and gathered together around 150 Christian families that remained there.

Now, as in Afrin, the church is working to give lessons about Christ, the Bible and the Christian faith, and to perform Christian prayers and hymns.

"The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attacked Afrin canton and bombed everything without discrimination. In Afrin, we were providing food and medical assistance to the displaced in the camps in Afrin canton. We lived together without religious dispute, and here after we went to al-Shahba continue to provide food baskets, where we provide monthly 1,000 food and health basket for the people of the Serdem camp.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries destroyed the church of Rai' al-Saleh, after occupying Afrin.


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