Rasoul: AKP evade its internal, external crisis by tightening isolation on Ocalan

The writer Melvan Rasoul attributed the tightened isolation on the leader Ocalan by the AKP to the crisis in the AKP saying "that Erdogan on his way to abyss due to his wrong policy in the region." 

The Turkish state continues the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan in Imrali prison since he has been detained in international plot on January 15-1999.

During the past months, the Turkish authorities have allowed intermittent visits to lawyers and family members. During these visits, Ocalan sent a series of letters containing proposals to solve the Kurdish issue in Turkey and the Turkish crisis as well as the Syrian crisis.

Ocalan's letters drew the attention of the political and social circles in the region due to their importance, but the re-tightening of isolation and preventing lawyers and family from visiting Ocalan aroused the indignation of these circles.

The writer Melvan Rasoul attributed the Turkish authorities to increasing isolation to a number of crises suffered by the Justice and Development Party internally and externally.

Rasoul said that "the isolation imposed on the leader and prevent lawyers from meeting their client due to several factors, the most important of which is the defection of the founding members of the party, the internal and foreign policy pursued by the Justice and Development Party, headed by Erdogan, and the crises that plague the country that have offended the Turkish situation in the international arena, which pushes the Turkish state to escape from its problems through a series of measures against opponents, including the tightening of isolation on the leader.

"The Turkish dilemma is related to the Kurdish situation and the Kurdish issue which is embodied in the person of leader Abdullah Ocalan, so the AKP is trying to evade this problem by creating justifications and arguments," he said.

Rasoul pointed to the failure of Turkish policies in Syria, as well as to the content of the letters sent by Ocalan, which included his readiness to resolve if asked, especially his proposals regarding the Syrian crisis, "so Erdogan hastened to isolate the leader," Rasoul said that the Turkish state lost most of its cards in the political map of Syria and the Middle East as a result of its wrong policy."

"The imposition of isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people at this critical stage of the Turkish state is due to the mentality of the ruling party, especially after losing in the municipalities of major cities, the dismissal of mayors of the Democratic People's Party and tightening isolation," Rasoul added.

Rasoul noted that the time of these regimes is over, especially as a result of the political circumstances in the region, because the opportunity is now available to democratic forces.

"The Turkish state is in trouble and is about to fall, and Erdogan is on his way to the abyss as a result of his wrong policies in the region," Rasoul concluded.



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