Reconciliation Committee solved 1,000 cases in Afrin in 1 year

About more than 1,000 cases were solved by the Reconciliation Committee in Afrin canton, including 404 cases related to women's affairs out of 1,047 cases within a year of work.

The Reconciliation Committee in Afrin canton, which resumed its activities in al-Shahba after Turkey occupied the city of Afrin and its districts, resolved 1,000 cases within a year.

The Committee was formed at the level of Afrin canton at the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011. Its members worked voluntarily to resolve disputes and conflicts among the members of the community.

The Committee works to find solutions among the conflicting parties, and their main aim is "to restore happiness, love, solidarity and cohesion among the society."

The Committee includes members of both genders, and the notables of the area, as well as clerics. Its members consists of 35 members, divided into four districts; al-Ahdath, Ahras, Tel-Rifat and Sherawa in Afrin canton, Deir Jamal, Babens and Fafin towns and in four camps of al-Shahba and Sherawa district.

1,000 issues have been resolved, including 404 cases related to women's affairs

As for the cases that were referred to the Reconciliation Committee during the year, they reached 1,047 cases, about 1,000 cases were resolved, about 16 cases were under follow-up and under consideration, and a few were transferred to the legal authorities to resolve them. While about 1,047 cases were received including 404 cases related in women's affairs, where 378 cases were resolved, and some of which were transferred to Justice Office which are being considered.

The spokesman for the Reconciliation Committee, Hajj Faisal Habash, said in an interview conducted by Hawar news agency (ANHA) that the Committee is voluntary and is doing its work sincerely to resolve differences and hatred among members of the community.

And concluded his speech saying: "We are steadfast on our soil, steadfast on the right and seeking it. We promise the people to stay on the right and be a link among the society. We are always ready to serve the nation and the people. Erdogan and his mercenaries will not break our morale. We will remain steadfast and defend the truth."



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