Refugees' number increasing, organizations neglects

The number of displaced Syrians, Iraqi refugees and IS families' mercenaries has reached to 51,000 in al-Hol camp, and the camp's administration is expanding the camp because of the large number of people and has appealed to the organizations to carry out their tasks towards the camp.


Al-Hol camp was opened on April 21, 2016 by DAA for Iraqi refugees with simple possibilities as Iraqi refugees went to the camp due IS brutal practices and Mosul liberation campaign, and the liberation campaigns launched by SDF in north and east of Syria.

According to the statistics of al-Hol camp's administration, the number of Iraqi families reached 5,009 families, that is, 22 thousand persons, the Syrian families 5,523 families, that is, 26 thousand persons, and 693 families of IS families, and their number is 3,500 persons.

The organizations working in the camp do not carry out the tasks entrusted to them in full, and the assistances distributed do not meet their needs.

In this context, al-Hol camp's administrator Majeda Amin said, "With the increase of the displaced persons and IS' families, the total number of refugees in the camp reached 51,000 as the camp's administration receives them and provides them with their daily needs."

Majeda pointed out that the organizations working in the camp do not work correctly.

And Majeda added, "With regard to the trips for the departure of the people from the camp of the displaced Syrians, coordination between the camp's administration and SDF takes place until their areas are liberated and cleaned of mines. While with regard to the Iraqi refugees, the coordination is carried out between the camp's administration and the Ministry of Immigration in Iraq, and the refugees are deported to their country."

At the end of her talk, the camp's administrator Majeda Amin demanded the humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the arrivals to the camp.



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