Refugees’ suffering increase in summer season ... orgs still stick to inaction

Refugees’ suffering is increasing day by day who are living in al-Holl camp with summer season is approaching and humanitarian organizations still stick to inaction.


About 4,188 refugees families from Iraq and many Syrian cities living in al-Holl camp located in northeast of al-Hasakah city, who fled from brutal practice of Islamic State's gangs (IS) and clashes erupted in their areas.

Summer season is approaching and high temperatures, refugees suffering is increasing where al-Holl district's desert climate, with increasing dust storms.

Refugees and displaced persons in the camp lack many of possibilities that ease the summer heat, such as electricity and air conditioning. Camp's administration tried to provide basic needs and supplies, but poor possibilities and the increasing number of displaced people and refugees made this task even more difficult to administration camp.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored with refugees who are living in al-Holl camp, Iraqi refugee Hassan Rashid criticized negligence of humanitarian organizations to provide service to the refugees.

Rashid said "during the past summer, refugees and displaced people have suffered from high temperatures. Overheating has led to the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially children and infants, and many have lost their lives.”

Rashid added “We do not want to repeat last year's tragedy, so the organizations that pretend to be humanitarian must help us, and the simplest way to secure electricity so that we can withstand the heat of the summer."

The camp administration also offered electricity to the organizations through generators and the establishment of a garden inside the camp, but the organizations did not respond to these requests. In this regard, camp’s administration in Holl camp Solava Sheikho said "Thousands of refugees and displaced people who have fled as a result of clashes in their areas from Syrian cities live in the camp."

Silava added "We, as the camp's administration have worked, despite our limited capabilities, to provide basic services to displaced people and refugees in terms of tents and daily bread, and we are working with organizations to support refugees."

Silava criticized negligence of humanitarian organizations to provide service to the refugees "For more than two months we have offered to visit the camps to create a park inside the camp to entertain children and get them out of the atmosphere of war and crisis, but the organizations did not respond to our request."

Silava ended his speech saying “We will do our best not to repeat the tragedies of last summer, but the organizations must look at the situation of refugees and displaced persons and provide them with support."




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