Regime expanding control at an accelerated pace north and west Aleppo

The Syrian regime forces controlled 13 towns and villages northwest of Aleppo city from the hands of the mercenaries of the occupation.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that it had monitored rapid progress of the Syrian regime forces in the north and west of Aleppo province. They were able to control several towns and villages there after the withdrawal of the Turkish mercenaries from "Hayan, Bayanoun and Tal Misabin, Babeed, Maarat Al artiq, Bashtara and Al Hadi charity as well as other areas in Al Zahraa jumaayia west of Aleppo. It controlled in the past hours; Al Shwahna, Tal Al Shwahna and Kafr Daal".

With these advances, the regime's military has left only a few areas that separate it from the entire city of Aleppo, most notably Kafrhmara, Hérétan and A'anadan.

In the past few hours, the regime's forces have taken control of 95 areas in the southern and western rural Aleppo.


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