Regime forces controls Kafar Nebul

The Syrian regime forces took control with Russian support of Kafar Nebul town and two villages in Idlib southern countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the regime forces continue cutting off the regions of Idlib southern countryside after a land and aerial preparation, as they managed to control on Kafar Nebul town, Besqela village and Hass town amid intensive land and aerial bombardment.

Therefore, the regime forces took control of 19 villages and towns in less than 48 hours, namely Jebala, Ma'ar Tamater, Settouh al-Deir, Barabo, Arenbeh, Sheikh Dames, Hantotin, al-Rakaya, Tel al-Nar, Kafar Sejneh, al-Sheikh Mostafa, al-Naqir, Ma'ar Zitta, Ma'ret Hurmah, Om al-Sir, Ma'ret al-Sin, Besqela, Hass and Kafar Nebul in the southern countryside of Idlib.

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