Regime is advancing in Aleppo, its eyes set on Atarib

Regime forces managed to make new progress in the western sector of Aleppo countryside to advance towards the strategic city of Atarib, in conjunction with violent clashes between the regime forces and Turkey-supported mercenaries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: The regime forces were able to achieve new progress in the western sector of the Aleppo countryside, after violent battles with Turkey's mercenaries with heavy air and ground support by Russian warplanes, missile and artillery.

The advance of the regime forces represented by controlling Orum al-Sughra, Mohandessin Rif Thani, al-Sama'a roundabout area, and the 46th regiment, making the regime forces thus about 3 km from the city of Atarib.

The observatory confirmed that the city of Atarib was witnessing aerial and land hysterical shelling through hundreds of Russian raids, missile and artillery strikes from after midnight Thursday - Friday to the present.

With the recent progress, the regime forces have taken control over the past few hours and days over 74 districts in the southern and western Aleppean countryside, and other sites, points, and villages in the area.

In the same context, the Turkish occupation brought a new military convoy into the Syrian territories, where the Turkish convoy consisting of about 100 trucks and military vehicles entered after midnight Thursday-Friday through Kafr Lucin border crossing with Iskenderun north of the city of Idlib, bringing the number of military vehicles imported by the Turkish occupation about a month ago to more than 1,900 Turkish military trucks and machineries to Syrian territory.



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