Regime launched new attack on Hamah countryside

The forces of the regime launched a new attack on the center of al-Jabin and Tal Meleh in the countryside of Hamah located within the areas of the so-called demilitarized, after an intense fire with about 450 rocket and artillery shells in addition to the raids on the axis of fighting.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that fierce clashes have been taking place since dawn on Saturday on the outskirts of al-Jabin and Tal Meleh of the north-western Hama countryside between the mercenary groups on the one hand and the regime forces with Russian support on the other. A rocket and artillery in a new attempt to restore the areas lost to the benefit of mercenary groups a few days ago.

The clashes were accompanied by the implementation of warplanes to more than 29 raids on the battle hubs, while the Syrian Observatory documented casualties from the bombing and the battles that broke out at dawn today, killing 7 mercenaries, while the killed 9 of the regime forces.

The Syrian warplanes carried out about eight raids this morning on areas in the town of Kafrzita, north of Hama, while Russian warplanes carried out 11 air strikes after midnight and dawn today on areas in Kafrzita and Zakat village in the northern countryside of Hama.

The Syrian Observatory monitored mutual exchanges of missiles, machine guns and missiles between the forces of the regime and the mercenary groups on al-Qasabiyah axis in the southern countryside of Idlib.

During the past week, the rural areas of Hamah witnessed bloody battles between the regime and the mercenary groups, where the latter managed to make progress. The regime launched attacks in which the strategic al-Jalbiya was restored and failed to complete progress.

On April 30, the regime and with Russian support launched a massive offensive against mercenary groups supported in the so-called "reduction of escalation" in northwestern Syria.



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