Regime's Forces thwarted attack by drones northwest of Syria

The Regime Forces announced that it thwarted an attack by drones loaded with bombs launched by the Turkish-backed mercenaries on the military sites in Sehl al-Ghab of Hamah province.

Military sources told Sputnik, today that "the air defense managed to destroy 2 drones and to shot down the third one without any casualty in the ranks of the army.

The Regime Forces have thwarted hostile targets in Latakia Sky on the Syrian Coast last Tuesday on September 3.

Sputnik said that the air defense of the city countryside thwarted hostile targets when they approached Hemaimim Russian Air Base noting that the air defenses managed to shot down at least 2 drones.

It is noteworthy, that the Regime Forces managed to control many cities, villages and towns in Idlib southern countryside and Hamah Northern countryside and controlled this countryside which included strongholds for thousands of the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nasra and the other mercenaries factions supported by Turkey.

The ceasefire agreement announced by Russia only  went into effect on Saturday of last August 31 and entered its 8th days amid breaches by the Syrian Regime and the Turkish-backed mercenaries.


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