Registration controls of arrivals to AA areas

The Internal Body of North and East Syria's Autonomous Administration (AA) has set controls to facilitate the follow-up of the arrivals to the AA areas to deal with their affairs and prevent security incidents that would affect the safety and security of the citizens during a meeting.


The meeting was held at the AA headquarters in Ain Issa district in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Interior Authority Amin Saleh and representatives of the Residences Offices in the seven Autonomous and Civil Departments.

The meeting began with explaining each office's mechanism of work, the procedures taken to deal with the incoming people, and the problems facing them; granting the residence card from more than one side and the lack of coordination among the competent committees in the procedures of the entry of expatriates.

After several discussions about setting controls for the mechanism of dealing with arrivals to facilitate the dealing with their affairs, and the attendees agreed on issuing the expatriate card (residence card) exclusively by the Expatriates' Affairs Office in each administration.

The incoming person must be registered on the sponsorship of a member of the city to which the expatriate intends within conditions set by the concerned administration taking into consideration the security conditions of each administration.

The unification of the arrivals' cards in one color and formula in all areas of AA of North and East Syria.

Furthermore, the meeting ended with forming the Expatriates' Affairs Follow-Up Committee to follow up the works and coordinate with all the relevant offices.

Thus, some of the controlling parties on the crossing borders to the DAA's area exploit the situation of security and stability witnessed in the area, sending some of the agents to undermine the security and stability of the citizens.



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