Reinforcements to Hama, Turkish voters punish Erdogan

The regime's forces sent reinforcements to Hama indicating a possible attack, especially after mercenary groups bombed military headquarters of the regime and Russia, while Turkish voters slapped Erdogan.

The Arab press published this morning the situation on the Syrian field and the Turkish elections.

 Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper: huge military reinforcements of the regime in the countryside of Hama

On the Syrian issue, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper referred to the situation in the field and said, "The forces of the regime brought large military reinforcements from heavy vehicles, soldiers and military and logistic equipment to their positions in the north-western Hama villages, at a time when the Syrian opposition announced on Monday that it was bombed by Grad rockets 3 military headquarters belonging to the forces of the Syrian regime and Russia in the countryside of Hama.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, talked about possible new attacks seeking the forces of the regime and its loyal supporters led by Suhail al-Hassan, known as "Al-Nemer", to implement with the support of Russian forces, in order to restore the areas lost to the benefit of factions in the region, to regain control of the villages of Tal Malh and Al-Jibin, which the groups and factions tightened their grip on June 6, despite the intensive support of Russian forces and aircraft."

Al-Arab newspaper: Erdogan provoked voters who punished him with multi-faceted messages

On the Turkish elections, the newspaper said: "The defeat of the Istanbul mayor in the run-off as a direct message to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the time of his victories is over, and that the Turkish people no longer likes his slogans and promises after the accumulation of economic, political and security crises in the country.

Istanbul's course was not as what the Turkish president had planned, and on the contrary he seemed to be dragging himself to the bottom. He made a classic mistake by provoking people to reveal his weakness more than he had expected. His rejection of a symbolic defeat in the first round revealed a selfish personality that wanted to puts everything under its control.

The first vote was punitive and a sign of anger from the Turkish street over Erdogan, who put the country in a state of hostility with its outside perimeter for personal gain. But after disrupting the results of the first round, the people of Istanbul rushed to punish him more clearly and with a multifaceted message, and in protest against him personally, his candidate and the closest politicians to him, and the failure to respect previous results.

Erdogan's party suffered a humiliating defeat on Sunday, with opposition candidate Akram İmamoğlu winning the run-off election for Istanbul's mayor, by a wide margin over his rival ruling party candidate Ben Ali Yildirim.



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