Religious scholars are also arrested in Turkey

The Turkish authorities arrested the cleric, Izzedin Agha, during a house raid in the Turkish city of Mersin, while the Turkish police threatened his family and said, "We will kill you."

The religious scholar Ezzedin Agha was in a guesthouse in the Turkish city of Mersin, when the Turkish authorities raided the house and arrested him.

Concurrently with his arrest, the Turkish authorities raided Izz al-Din's house in the town of “Batman”.

“Faruq Agha,” one of the sons of the scholar Izzedin, said: When the Turkish police raided their home, they threatened them, and said, “We will kill you.”

According to the information, Izzedin Agha was transferred to the Security Directorate in Mersin, and the reason for his arrest is not known yet.


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