Report is not sufficient, particle steps should be taken to exclude Turkey 

The head of the Endowments and administrator Office of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM in al-Shaddadi district said that the report issued by the United Nations is not sufficient to stop the crimes of the Turkish occupation, and he called for practical steps and exclusion of Turkey from Syria.

The Investigation Commission of the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a report on September 14, in which it referred to the crimes committed in the Turkish occupation areas by the Turkish army and its mercenaries.

The report is a full confession of crimes

In the context, the head of the Endowments Office in al-Shaddadi district, Ahmed al-Asaad, said: We consider the United Nations report a complete recognition of the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries against the people in northern Syria, especially in the regions of Serêkaniyê and Tel Abyad.

He continued: It is no secret that the corruption that the mercenary groups experienced is the displacement, destruction, theft, rape, arrest, torture and displacement against the people there in order to forcibly displace them from their areas.

Syria's territorial integrity must be preserved

Al-Assaad explained that all these actions are aimed at dividing and occupying these lands, and this is what we do not negotiate or compromise over, as Syria is one with all its components that have coexisted for thousands of years.

"We, the peoples of the region, want the full commitment of the United Nations to take quick steps on the ground to curb the violations of these Turkish-backed groups, preserve the territorial integrity and propose and activate the Syrian-Syrian solution according to dialogue," he added.

For his part, the administrator in the Office of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM in the district, Muhammad Abd al-Khalif, pointed out that the crimes committed by the mercenaries with the support of the Turkish occupation state in the territories of northern Syria are not hidden from anyone, because the reality is who speaks, even if the United Nations reports came late.

We demand practical steps and pressure on Turkey to get out

And he continued to talk: We demand practical steps by it, which limit these crimes and pressure Turkey to leave the Syrian lands accompanied by its mercenaries.

Al-Khalif pointed out that the people in northern and eastern Syria have not been attacked Turkey and others, but rather that Turkey is the one who crossed the borders, shed blood and displaced the people, and therefore, the end of it must be put in place and the displaced in the camps should be returned to their homes as soon as possible.



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