Report reveals Turkish secret ties to ISIS

A report has revealed the secret relationship between Turkey and the ISIS mercenaries such as  logistic and military support and conducting offensives in north eastern Syria.  

Various reports were obtained by the Sky News Site showing that the Turkish Government from time to time, according to analysts, use the ISIS mercenaries to gain advantages both internally and externally, especially when economic crises and the political pressure intensify, at such critical times ISIS mercenaries are being remembered, and that they have been arrested, on which pro government media outlets praise and chant such news in utter contrast to the actual reality.   

Earlier in September, Süleyman Soylo, Minister of the Interior of Turkey, announced that an ISIS emir was arrested called Mahmoud Ozdon, in Turkey, in Derly, in the Turkish province of Giresun in northern Turkey. 

The Turkish minister mentioned that seizures taken from the Ozdon house contained plans to form a cell made up of 10 to 12 people with the aim of carrying out attacks in Turkey, as well as places of hidden ammunition, and plots to harm the Turkish economy, and plots to abduct Turkish politicians and statemen to be transferred into Syria.

When it was revealed that the ISIS emir was arrested six times in the last three years, the Turkish minister said that they had no tangible evidences against him, alleging that the Turkish judiciary was right to release him, saying : ''legally, they do their utmost, but when tangible evidences are not available, they can no longer hold prisoners, we define the organizational status of every person, but to get tangible evidence it should be clear, to know relations externally.''  

The Sky News quoted a report by the Turkish Paper Yuret, was released in September 2014, that contains a statement by opponent and external dissident Durdu Özbolat, an MP for the Republican People's Party, as saying that '' all extremist and radical organizations such as ISIS and the al-Nusra Front, among others, were all created by the Development and Justice Party, as they were trained on Turkish soil and moved freely''.

From his part, Refiq Eryilmaz, an MP for the Republican People's Party, confirmed in a statement to the Voice of America radio, that :'' Turkey never took the necessary measure to deter terrorists from crossing into Syria via the Turkish lands, to join the ISIS mercenaries'', and that '' Turkey turns a blind eye to the ISIS moves as a result to policies adopted by the Development and Justice Party, hostile to Syria and it's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and support to the al-Nusra Front'', noting that Turkey is being used as logistic base, and that the Development and Justice Party just watches.  

In an interview with ''Homeland Security Today'' in late February it was revealed by Abu Mansur al-Maghribi, who was coordinating ties between Turkish Intelligence and ISIS the close relation that connects the two sides. 

Abu Mansur said that there were many groups, of which representing the Turkish Intelligence, and others relate to the Turkish Army, and that most meetings were being held at Turkish military posts, according to the seriousness of the subject discussed, and other meetings with the Turkish side were being held close to the Syrian border, and others in Ankara or Gaziantep''.  

Other reports were issued by security and research centre on the role played by Turkey in supporting the ISIS mercenaries, such as the one issued by the Anti- Terror Centre, in the U.S. West Point Academy 2014, and the study by David Philips, director of the Building Peace Program in the Human Rights Researches Institute in the University of Columbia, 2014, and the report by Aaron Stean expert of Turkish issues.    

In the same relation, expert on Turkey, Karam Sa'eed, said that '' the relation between Turkey and the ISIS mercenaries started in 2014, where hostages were held at the Turkish consulate in Mosul, and after deliberations with ISIS, all hostages were released, amid reports that Turkey gains advantages from the ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq, especially in areas rich with oil, that was taken to Turkey in exchange for cheap prices. 

From his part, Xorshid Delli, an expert on Turkish issues, says to the Sky News Site, that late years witnessed issuance of many reports and investigations, where hundreds of evidences and documents were provided with Ankara and ISIS ties.

Delli pointed out to what took place at the Syrian town of Baghouz, the last geographic pockets held by ISIS, in eastern countryside of Deir Ez Zor, where tens of ISIS mercenaries were captured by Syrian Democratic Forces, many of whom in possession of Turkish passports. 

Delli went on as saying : '' studying the secrete and suspicious ties of ISIS and the Turkish State, unveils the oil trade, that was done secretly, via smuggling operations, that gave advantage to the two sides, for Ankara sponsors the terrorist group,  to destroy the area from one side, and fill Turkish Regime's pockets with money from another''.



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