​​​​​​​Reporters Without Borders: Journalists in Syrian government areas, Turkish mercenaries are at risk

Reporters Without Borders said that journalists in Syria are still at risk, especially in areas of the Syrian government that  and those occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, noting that "the dangers in the Autonomous  Administration areas are limited only to the clashes resulting from the Turkish attacks."

"Journalists are still endangered, and they are risking their lives to be placed in the front rows to cover the bombardments targeting rebels' strongholds," Reporters Without Borders said today in a report.

It added, "The frequency of kidnapping has become disturbingly frequent, as jihadi movements are responsible for acting it as if they governmental authorities while controlling with an iron fist over the territory under their control."

It explained: "Also, the free press is absent in the areas controlled by Damascus, where the media are satisfied with reporting the news issued by the government news agency, which means that there is no voice above the voice of the official speech, where the government selects three journalists to allow them to cover the battles accompanied by the army elements."

According to the organization, "Everything has become something like criticism or containing sensitive information that results in reprisals by the intelligence services that act on their own hands without any oversight. The government forces detained dozens of journalists while others were kidnapped by the various armed groups that appeared on the scene over time, especially ISIS, Jaish al-Islam, and Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, it is estimated that hundreds of journalists have died as a result of torture, knowing that their relatives are completely unfamiliar with their fate."

Regarding the regions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the organization said: "Young local journalists are among the most prominent victims of ongoing clashes with Turkish-backed groups."


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