Representative of Danish Foreign appreciates role of SDF, AA in eliminating Daesh

Kristof Vifik the Director of the Consular Affairs in the Danish Foreign Ministry appreciated the role of SDF and the Autonomous Administration in eliminating Daesh mercenaries and he signed the document of hand over the Danish child of Daesh mercenaries of Danish descent.

Today, the Director of Consular Affairs of the Danish Foreign Ministry, visited the AA regions in northern and eastern Syria. He was received at the border crossing of Semelka by the Joint Presidency of the Department of External Relations of the North and East Syrian Autonomous Region Abdul Karim Omar and Amel Dada, Nujin Mohammed and Stier Kirdaghi representative of AAof northern and eastern Syria in Scandinavia and Sweden.

During the visit, Kristof Vifik received a child of mercenaries,, under a receipt document between his government and the AA.

"I am here on a humanitarian mission," Kristof Vifik told a news conference following the closed-door meeting between the two sides, thanking SDF and the AA for fighting mercenary terrorism and praising the military championships offered to eliminate Daesh and thanked the AA for its cooperation with the Danish government.

For her part, Amal Daddah revealed that they discussed counterterrorism operations by SDF. She noted that the two sides discussed the many challenges facing post-Daesh, especially service and the need to support AA.

"We also discussed the need to resolve the Syrian crisis through a political solution and the need to represent AA in future meetings and negotiations," she added.

She noted that they had talked about the situation of Daesh families in the camps of AA and the need to find a mechanism for their repatriation.

It is noteworthy that many Western delegations have visited AA areas in northern and eastern Syria recently.



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