Representative of Democratic Union in the Balkan: Turkey has gone bankrupt politically

The Representative of Democratic Union Party in the Balkan, Ibrahim Muslim, said that Turkey is in a state of political bankruptcy, pointing out that the people get rid of the political illiteracy, so we find Turkey exposed to internal and external pressure due to its political failure.


Ibrahim Muslim, the Representative of Democratic Union Party in the Balkan, in an interview with Hawar news agency talked about a number of issues that have preoccupied the public opinion recently, especially Turkey's attempt to intervene in Syria and the occupation of new areas with baseless arguments and pretexts.

He said," the Turkish aggression against our Kurdish people is not new, Turkey seeks repeatedly to thwart the Democratic Nation's project in north and east Syria through direct and indirect attacks on the area."

He added," after the political bankruptcy, Turkey seeks to revive the forgotten Adana agreement, this came after its failure to convince the people of its fascist project, but the truth that these peoples have gone beyond the political illiteracy and understand the new Ottoman game in the area."

Muslim pointed out to the pressures of the Turkish state internally due to its fascist external policy in the area," what happened in Afrin is a proof of the failure of Erdogan, where the criminal actions of looting practiced by Turkey became obvious to the world," 

Muslim said that Turkey could not move in Syria without the approval of the Western countries, because it is considered a key region to play a major role in changing the balances of world powers.

He pointed out to the peoples' rejection of the buffer zone suggestion except under international auspices and supervision.



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