Representatives of AANES meet with NSO with Kurdistan, discuss danger of Turkey

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria met with a delegation from the Norwegian Kurdistan Solidarity Organization, which expressed its dissatisfaction with the memorandum signed by Sweden and Finland with Turkey, and stressed its continued solidarity with North and East Syria.

 The Autonomous Administration delegation included the representative of the Administration in Europe, Abdul Karim Omar and the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Norway, Hindrin Butti, while the Solidarity Organization with Kurdistan represented the co-chair of the organization, Stena Bernes, and members Erling Folkford, Beth Hartmann, Johann Peter Andersen, Tauride Kjernli, Ask Arngault.

 Representatives of the Autonomous Administration thanked the organization for its supportive role while putting it in a picture of the latest developments and challenges facing the Autonomous Administration, especially the Turkish threats targeting the stability of the region and Erdogan’s new projects to occupy the region, targeting defenseless civilians, the Syrian Democratic Forces and children, as happened recently in an educational center for girls, in addition to his new racist project to change the demographics of the region by settling one and a half million refugees in northern Syria.

 While the attendees discussed the economic and humanitarian crisis that the region is experiencing as a result of the siege and the lack of relief and humanitarian aid and its repercussions on the living situation of citizens, from which ISIS benefits to enter the areas that remained under its control for years to reorganize itself again, and also talked about terrorism and ISIS and its danger.  As a result of the support provided to it by Turkey and from the Turkish occupation areas through ISIS emirs who are present in those areas after the liberation of Baghouz and who are working with the so-called “Syrian National Army” to implement Turkey’s agendas to destabilize the region

 For her part, Ms. Stena Bernes said that she is of Swedish origin and is ashamed of the memorandum signed by Sweden and Finland with Turkey, and that they are working by pressuring the Swedish government not to make concessions to Turkey and not to be at the expense of the Kurds and their just cause, and the organization's delegation affirmed that they will continue to work and struggle for solidarity  With Kurdistan and with northern and eastern Syria.



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