Representatives of clans gathering at forum place in Ain Issa

Since the morning, representatives of the Syrian clans gathered in the center of Ain Issa town to participate in the clans' forum sponsored by the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD).

Under the slogan "Syrian Clans Protect the Society and Protect its Social Contract," a forum for the Syrian clans on Friday,  is scheduled to kick off, thousands of representatives of clans in Syria and representatives of civil society institutions and popular events will participate according to the Preparatory Committee of the Forum.

Several tents were erected in Ain Issa.

The forum was organized to highlight their role in combating terrorism, supporting and building the Autonomous Administration and SDF

In addition to drying up the sources and intellectual and resources of mercenaries in the region.

The event is scheduled to take place a few moments later and is expected to last for several hours, during which several issues will be discussed.



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