Researcher: Human development is essential for all Syrian regions and all groups of society

The Syrian researcher Sawsan Zakaria said that the topics of human development in all its branches are necessary on the ground throughout Syria, especially at this time in the history of Syria.


With the imminent declaration of IS' defeat, as a new phase begins in the north and east of Syria, the development issues in the region are on the rise after IS.

In an interview held by our agency, Hawar news agency, with the Syrian researcher Sawsan Zakaria, she said that the regions of northern Syria need trainers from all fields in all branches of human development, and that the educated young people should gather in bodies and institutions to study the need of society in all its categories and help them scientifically.

Human development is a set of scientific methods for the development of human skills and abilities to enable them to raise the high level of production and income with their efforts.

"The reality should be studied well to understand the people's needs and to deal with them in a realistic and healthy manner. The city is different from the village, as are the young and old people," said Sawsan Zakaria who lives in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Sawsan added"In the village in general, the majority suffers from the problem of unemployment and the trainees must train people in the industries of informatics to sewing and all light industries according to their ability, and provide opportunities to work in the markets according to each person's specialization and potential."

"Empowerment enables people to raise their own abilities and develop solutions to their problems. This is the UN's global policy to help people in marginalized villages around the world," she said.

She pointed to the importance of the role of the family in society, "The family is the first cell; therefore, the family's problems should be studied scientifically and work to find sound solutions."

On the societies of north and east Syria and the role of human development there, the Syrian researcher said, "All regions are similar. The trainees in the branches of development must work in team spirit, study the reality and circumstances and find appropriate solutions for each region."

As for the subjects of NLP, Sawsan Zakaria said, "This section is directed at the young learners to develop their skills both personally and professionally which is essential for those who want to be evolved and changed for the better."

At the end of her talk, the Syrian researcher Sawsan Zakaria said that all groups need human development in different regions of Syria and the interested parties to take care of this matter.



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