Researcher: Russia seeks to stabilize Sochi agreement by force after failing to absorb Turkey

Syrian researcher and writer Ahmed al-Darazi saw that the military operation of the regime forces in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib is to install the Sochi agreements by force, forcing Turkey to make more concessions, and pointed out that Russia has failed to absorb Turkey and remove it from NATO.

The regime forces continue their progress in the vicinity of the city of Maarat al-Numan at the expense of the mercenaries of Turkey, as they reached the outskirts of the city, after a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Turkey amid talk about a deal between the two parties, and about this he spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA), the Syrian writer and researcher Ahmed al-Darazi.

'Russia's attempts to attract Turkey to its axis have not borne fruit'

Al-Darazi began his speech by saying: "It is clear that the Russian attempts to absorb Turkey, attract it towards the Eurasian axis, and remove it from the NATO system, not yet bear fruit, especially after all the gains it granted it in Syria, in addition to the economic gains through the passage of two pipelines to transport Russian gas. to southern Europe. "

He added: "The gains that Russia granted to Turkey in Libya are not sufficient to make the Turkish political administration more cooperative with the Eurasian project, on the contrary, Turkey is gaining more interests at the expense of the peoples of the region, for its dealings with Russia and the United States of America from the site of the peer, which is covered in ambitions. The character of an imperial character. "

He explained, "Turkey is investing more and more needs of Russia and America in strengthening its geopolitical position, and this of course is at the expense of the strategy of other parties."

'Attacks on Idlib are to stabilize Sochi Agreements by force'

Regarding the regime's attack on Idlib, Ahmed al-Darazi said, "The military operation carried out by the Syrian army forces in addition to the allies of Damascus in the Aleppo countryside and Idlib comes to install Sochi agreements by force, and push Turkey for more concessions, give up part of its ambitions, and integrate it more within a regional system." It has an essential role in it. "

Regarding the regime's attack on Idlib, he said, "The military operation On whether there is a Russian-Turkish deal, added: "I do not want to use the word deals to express the relationship between the opposing parties, but rather are contradictory tactics for all parties, which need management that is more like chess."

'The United States is not out of tactics'

With regard to the American position on that, he explained, "The United States is not outside the tactics of recognition by the Russian and American parties, and it is within the framework of a major conflict that the great powers of the smaller parties consider only as part of their game of interests. Details, they have their role in this world according to their strengths. "

The Syrian writer and researcher Ahmed al--Darazi concluded his speech by saying: "The nature of the ongoing transformations is unpredictable, and the local and regional powers should only draw the boundaries of what they have to reposition the new regional system that is in the process of forming."



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