Researchers: constructive criticism, creative thinking are crucial to build educated society

A number of professors confirmed during the research they gave at the Universities Forum, which launched its second round, this morning, the need to get rid of the mentality that stands in the way of the development of social thought, the establishment of a mentality far from authoritarian mentality, and the need to build a new, educated and conscious generation that takes the ideas and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan is mainly in the field of education.


For the second day in a row, the activities of the Forum "Free and Democratic University" began with research by the university professors in Rojava whose names are Zinat Ali, Manan Jaafar, Badran Bannaber and Professor Ibrahim Siddo member of the European Training Commission who has joined through Skype to the forum.

The main themes of the research were the mechanism of education in universities, institutes and schools, how to develop them, and the extent of assimilation and materials included in the curricula.

They pointed out that the opening of academies in Rojava was an important step in the field of education, despite all the conditions that the educational system experienced at the beginning, as a shortage of educational staff, and the lack of experts capable of conducting the educational process.

They touched upon the problems that have encountered the educational system, they said, "The basic problem that accompanied the educational system in Rojava is the exams, and now we are trying to develop the concept of debate in our educational system in exchange for the abolition of the system of annual and mid-term examinations in education."

Explaining about constructive and creative thought and criticism in our society, the teachers explained "how to develop critical and creative thinking and give them the importance and practical application, unlike the Syrian system that was going to the universities of the Syrian regime, giving lessons to students in the form of drilling not understanding, which handicapped the development of the society culturally and intellectually, and limited framework of its thinking. Getting rid of this point is very important, opening up an area for all cultures to accept education."

The need to build a relationship between students and teachers on the basis of friendship and respect

As for the difference in the relationship between the student and the teachers, the teachers emphasized that the relationship between students and teachers is also the basic problem planted by the Baathist regime between the student and the teacher, which is fear, which has effects on the student and distrust themselves, and said: "We are now discussing the opposite of that mentality. We must get rid of this barrier and build relationships based on friendship and respect so that there is motivation for students to learn and express their views fearlessly.



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