Resistance’s banner in 21st century is at women’s hands

Ilham Ahmed said, “Women raised the banner of resistance and established a political, diplomatic and social revolution that could confront all threats and attacks, and this struggle will become the property of the whole world.”

The Head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, spoke to our agency about the revolution that women are waging in the areas of north and east Syria in various fields, and she said, “The world is witnessing a progress in women’s resistance and awareness, and that the victory of women in north-east Syria will be a victory for the women of Syria, the Middle East and the whole world.”

One day is not enough

Ilham Ahmed congratulated the Kurdish women and the women of the world on the occasion of the 8th of March, and on the importance of this day, she said: “The 8th of March is an important day in the history of humanity and women, and it came as a result of the continued efforts and struggle of women.

  One day is not enough for women because there is a strong hegemony, and this matter greatly affects the family, all aspects of life, as well as the mental and psychological aspect. For all these deep problems to be removed and corrected, a lot of relentless struggle, more awareness and organization are required.”

During the 21st century, women have opened many ways

Ilham Ahmed noted that the 21st century will be known as the century of women, as the current of resistance is rising in the world, adding, “Big doors opened for women to be able to actually express themselves, and thus work to change the situation in which they live, obtain their rights and achieve equality and justice. The progress that will take place in this context is what gives the day of March 8th its true meaning. The fields that were opened to women and society have great meanings, this must continue, and all days must be March 8th.”

The women of north-east Syria have struggled against three mentalities

On the struggle waged by women in the areas of north and east Syria, Ilham Ahmed said, “The women of north-east Syria have struggled and resisted against three mentalities: The first is the mentality of the ruling Baathist authority which ruled Syria for many years. The second is the mentality of ISIS mercenaries that extended in recent years to the region, as it was a very dark stage in women's history, and women engaged in a great resistance in the face of this mentality. The third is the mentality of the male community, and the women of north-east Syria fought a relentless struggle against all these mentalities.”

The Head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, noted that women in the region were able during the years of the revolution to break the molds that were imposed on them, and she said in this regard, “Women have struggled and resisted against the dominant mentality, and they entered more fields that they had never been before, such as the military, political and other fields.”

The banner of women's resistance has been at their hands

Ilham Ahmed also touched on the results and gains achieved by the women of the region as a result of the struggle and resistance that has continued until now, and said, "Women have carried the banner of resistance, adding, “Today, books are being written about the resistance of women in the region, films are being prepared in addition to dozens of other works.”

In the world, when women talk about their struggle, they follow the example of women's resistance and struggle in the areas of north and east Syria. Those who apply what they think to reality, and the great victories and gains that they have made will become the property of humanity and an example to be emulated in the whole world.

The women of the world have shown great resistance against the brutality of ISIS mercenaries, as well as against the dominant male authority.

Victory leads to a change of mentality

Regarding the gains and successes achieved in terms of the diplomatic struggle, Ilham Ahmed, the Head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, said, “What has been achieved in this field clearly shows how difficult this struggle is. We are communicating with countries that span thousands of years. We are committed to the truth, explain this truth to them, hold meetings, and conduct diplomatic relations with them.”

 The system and politics are in the hands of men, and it will not be easy for a woman to wage the diplomatic struggle and show the truth because understanding and assimilating this system which adopts the male authoritarian mentality, and thus confronting it, imposing facts on it, and directing it towards change requires effort, struggle and very strong organization.

Global interests, and the state system are working to crush every endeavor to understand the issue of women and their rights. In the face of this mentality, women in our areas have assumed an important role, responsibility and are still playing it. It is difficult, but victory leads to a change of perceptions.

The responsibility of the region’s women is everyone’s responsibility

Ilham Ahmed also spoke about the common struggle of the women of the world, and said that the capitalist system was able to contain the organizations that oppose it, and with the passage of time it was able to strip them of their role as opposition organizations, adding, “Therefore, the tasks entrusted to the women of north and east Syria are our tasks all that we work to show this truth, and based on it, to wage a common struggle to achieve social democracy.”

The struggle belongs to all women

The Head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed noted that the women of the region were able to strengthen their organization in the face of the authoritarian, patriarchal regime, ISIS attacks and the threats of the hostile state, thus were able to build a system in which equality was achieved, and issued their own laws, and within a short period of time they were able to participate in all areas of life.

  Ilham Ahmed described these gains as the revolution and said, “These gains were achieved with the blood of the martyrs. In the face of all these threats and attacks, the resistance was a shining reality, and one must see that and work to develop it.”

Women have a very prominent role in the continuation of the Autonomous Adminsitration system and the peoples' brotherhood project. They are able to struggle for the promotion of coexistence among the co-existing cultures, and to develop this project.

  The presence of women as well as their struggle and resistance are very necessary in order to achieve peace and social democracy, and the struggle waged here will become the inheritance of the women of Syria and the women of the Middle East, and then the inheritance of all women in the world.

Achieving democracy and world peace is the responsibility of women.



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