"Return Marches" in Gaza canceled due to military escalation

Our agency, Hawar news agency's reporter from Gaza stated that the supreme body of Return and Breaking the Siege Marches decided to cancel its supposed activities on Friday under the title "The Marches Are Our Choice," and that because of the military escalation between Gaza and Israel.


The body mentioned in a statement a copy of which received by Hawar news agency's correspondent that the decision was made in recognition of the public interest, in the interest of the people and in preparation for the "land and return" that is supposed to be implemented on 30 March.

It also said in its statement that the Authority is in continuous session to keep abreast of developments and political and field events witnessed by the sector in order to arrange activities according to the situation.

The Israeli warplanes launched on Friday dawn a series of violent raids on various targets in the Gaza Strip, injuring four of them among them a pregnant woman in response to two rockets fired from Gaza Strip towards Tel Aviv.

Since March 30, Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches near Gaza's border fence to demand the return of Palestinian refugees to their towns and villages which they had migrated in 1948, and to break the siege imposed on Gaza since 13 years.

In the Israeli army's repression of the participants in the Return and Breaking the Siege Marches, more than 256 Palestinians lost their lives, and about 29,000 Palestinians were wounded according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health in Gaza.


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