Rev. Mikhail Jacob: Our goal is to live safely, Turkey seeks to destabilize area

The pastor of the Church of Mar Thoma al-Rasoul in Serêkaniyê area, confirmed that their goal is to live together and peace between all components, noting that the Turkish occupation seeks to destabilize the security and stability of the region.

The regions of north and east of Syria are characterized by a diversity of components, religions and ethnicities, due to the mixing of peoples with each other since ancient times, and they are currently living under the roof peoples' fraternity under the umbrella of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in the region.

The Turkish occupation, which is afraid of democratic projects, for fear of the collapse of its dictatorship empire, and seeks to occupy all areas to link them with the Turkish state and complete its charter Milli, by all means trying to invade the areas of north and east of Syria militarily, with the aim of changing the demography of the region, and restore the hegemony of the Ottoman Empire and obliterate the identity of the components in north Syria's areas.

'Turkey targets all components of the region'

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the pastor of the Church of Mar Thoma al-Rasoul in the center of Serêkaniyê city belonging to al-Hasakah canton, Pastor Mikhail Jacob, who has rejected to any Turkish intervention in the areas of north and east of Syria, which targets all the sects.

'We reject Turkish threats on our regions'

Jacob pointed out that, out of their Christian faith, they reject all kinds of evil, and all the threats that affect their areas that try to destabilize the security and stability of the region in general and by the Turkish occupation in particular and our main objective is to live safely and peacefully in our areas and with all the components in the region."

We are advocates of peace and coexistence

"Turkey is trying to export its internal crises and its economic impotence abroad. In order to keep its people from claiming their rights, Jacob explained that the aim of the threats is to protect the interests of the Turkish state.

Jacob stressed that the peoples of the region are advocates for peace and coexistence between the components, religions and sects.

Jacob pointed out that the approach of the brothers of the peoples was the approach recommended by Jesus, saying: "Jesus was calling for coexistence without discrimination between all components."

At the end of his speech, Jacob called on the world and the components of the region to work for peace and sow love among all peoples.



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