​​​​​​​Revolution lover ... mother Qedifa

She was forced to leave her homeland to escape the oppression of the Ba'athist regime in the 1990s, After the outbreak of the Rojava revolution, she came back. Mother Qedifa who took a place in the ranks of the struggle.

In the 1990s, many Yazidis were forced out of Rojava, to escape the injustice of the ruling Ba'athist regime.

But the anguish of returning to the homeland in the hearts of many lasted. She was forced to leave the homeland, but she had the opportunity to return after the start of the Rojava Revolution in 2012, to make her dreams a reality.

From Germany, the return journey of the mother, Qedifa, began, to come to live in Tirbespiyê in Qamishlo district, northeast of Syria. That moment was the beginning of a new life for mother Qedifa.

Return after suffering and heartbreak for long days

Qedifa said in an interview with Hawar News Agency, that her family was very surprised when she decided to return home, adding, "In 1990, she migrated to Germany with her 10 children. After the outbreak of the Rojava Revolution, I decided to return home, my children were surprised. Then they told me that everyone left Rojava. You want to go back there!".

Supporting the revolution is the motivation that motivated her to return to the homeland, join the ranks of the revolution, and carry out social work, as she had worked in the Mala Jine for three years. She was also member of the Community Protection Forces for women.

Despite she is 80 years old, she will not stop her work until the last drop of blood in her veins, and continues her talk to our agency by saying "We are fighting for our cause, on the path that leader Abdullah Ocalan drew to us. İf the energy runs out of our feet, we will participate in the activities for love, but now I see myself as a 14-year-old. "

Women should always be active. Mother Qedifa takes her place in the ranks of the Special Community Protection Forces for Women.

"Women now pose a great threat to Erdogan and the occupiers. He fears women, so they attack them," she says.

Women have taken a place for themselves in all arenas, and achieved great victories. I want women to be effective and to take a place for themselves in the struggle continuously. "

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