Riad Darrar: International relations about Daesh mercenaries are based on prisoners' systems

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MDS), Riad Darrar, stressed that international relations exist on the fate of mercenaries who are detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces on the bases and systems of prisoners.

Riad Darrar talked the Hawar news agency on the sidelines of his lecture on April 2 in Manbij under the slogan "Democratic Islam".

Darrar spoke of the fate of thousands of Daesh mercenaries who were captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the battles against mercenaries. The largest number of those who surrendered in al-Bagouz, the last geographical point Daesh controlled before.

The nationalities of Daesh elements detained differ, they are accompanied by large numbers of women and children. While the Syrian Democratic Council reiterated its call on foreign countries to receive mercenaries belonging to their nationalities, many countries refused to accept their citizens.

Thus, the international community should be called upon to establish an international court to prosecute foreign Daesh mercenaries in accordance with human rights treaties and conventions. Discussions in the international arena are still being held on the international court, where to hold it and its laws.

Darra noted that Daesh mercenaries committed evils in criminal forms, "The objective of the establishment of the international court is to establish a system that can bring justice to the prisoners," said Riad Darrar, co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council. " International relations about Daesh mercenaries are based on prisoners' systems."

Riad Darrar said that "they are dealing with Daesh mercenaries as prisoners and did not commit any abuse against the law of prisoners, but they insist on the application of fair judgments."

"The understandings and discussions are ongoing with international bodies and the court could be Syrian or international, but the final picture has not yet taken shape, studies are continuing, and the mercenaries must dealt with as prisoners and human beings have sinned."

Riyad Darrar noted that there is a full judicial law that can be used in the north and east of Syria to meet the conditions of the fair penalty, "However, north and east of Syria did not take the legitimacy enough to govern in the name of a state and the trial system could be prepared in consultation and partnership with the international community to find the true form of the trial of mercenaries," he said.



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