Rights orgs, CPT must express position on isolation imposed on Ocalan

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth in Aleppo saluted the resistance of the hunger strikers and pointed out that the Turkish state practices increased their insistence on escalating the struggle. They said that human rights organizations and the CPT should not stand still and express their position on the isolation imposed on Ocalan.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement issued a statement today to the international public opinion during the event of the sit-in as part of a campaign to support the hunger strikers and call on the human rights organizations and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to express their position on the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read by Avin Siddo, during a gathering of dozens of young people who raised the flags of the youth, and a flame with the word "Stand up".

The text of the statement:

"By resisting Kamal, Haqi, Mazloum and their comrades who were the torch of freedom and who turned the prison into resistance and great will, now Laila Guven and her comrades are repeating history and have turned the Turkish prison into a symbol of resistance.

We are the youth of Aleppo stand in solidarity today with a series of events and the hunger strike of struggler Laila Guven, which enters its sixth month in a hunger strike demanding the lifting of the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The practices of the Turkish authorities against the strugglers and hunger strikers increase our insistence on escalating our struggle to ensure freedom for our leader Abdullah Ocalan against the practices and repression of the Turkish state. We will not stand idly by in the face of Turkish threats and massacres committed against oppressed peoples.

"We appeal to all human rights organizations and the CPT organization not to stand still for what is happening. They must take a stand to lift the isolation of the international leader Abdullah Ocalan and we, the youth, will work together to achieve victory and break the isolation imposed on the leader."

The statement ended with slogans saluting Ocalan and the hunger strikers.



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