Roj News: Turkish occupation warplanes bombes a village in Amadia district

​​​​​​​Roj News Agency said that Turkish occupation warplanes bombed a village in Aamdia district in southern Kurdistan, causing material damage to people's property, while Turkish warplanes continue to fly over the area.

The agency confirmed that Turkish occupation warplanes bombed the vicinity of the village of Beksran, which is affiliated to Aamdia district in Dohuk governorate in southern Kurdistan.

According to the agency, the bombing resulted in material damage to the property of the people, but "until this moment, the extent of the damage caused by the bombing has not been known, in light of the continued flying of Turkish warplanes over the area."

The agency had reported earlier today, Wednesday, that Turkish occupation drones had flown over the sky of the martyr Rustam Judy camp (Makhomur) 2 days in a row without stopping.



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